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Specialist Art Site

We auction individual high quality art created by emerging and established artists and artisans. Nothing else.

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Available Worldwide

We are internet based; artists all over the globe can showcase their talent and art lovers & collectors across the globe can browse and buy it.

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User Friendly and Transparent

Our site is purposely simple to use. Nothing complicated, nothing hidden. Any thoughts can be directed to our friendly admin colleagues.

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Free to List

No up-front fees. Anybody can view and then sign in to do business with us. The seller pays a simple commission when a sale is made; the buyer pays no fees.

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Safe and Secure

Your data and money are well protected within our system. Funds are entrusted to leading internet handling services.

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Comprehensive Service

Our clients list their lots in specific auctions of their choice. The system handles all aspects of the buying and selling process. Our ‘contact us’ service gives peace of mind should help be needed.

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Discover and enjoy new, and perhaps some familiar faces. We'll share informative blogs by artists we love as time goes by. Check them out each time you visit us.


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“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.” ~ Marc Chagall