Newsletter 1

Welcome to our inaugural news letter, published as the auction site approaches completion.  

We are now getting towards being able to provide a robust system for you to look at and buy and sell quality art.  Presently, in-depth testing of the facilities continues to polish the remaining glitches out of the site.  We hope to achieve this really soon.

In the meantime, it would be fantastic if any artists and art sellers load their intended auction lots onto the system. As is the case, this is a free process, with a modest commission only being payable with a sale.  So please give it a go and report anything you feel could be improved upon.

Original Art Auctions has been purpose written to provide a user experience that is more specific and bespoke than a general auction site. There has been a truly international effort involved in our platform, with technical expertise and contributions emanating from the UK to Australia.  The  world’s email systems have been working overtime to carry a myriad of messages all over the globe as we beaver away to finish the system.

 We hope you find the site convenient to use, and interesting to visit. Again, any feedback is welcome and may influence the direction our site moves in in the future.

Original Art Auctions has been created to help connect artists and buyers. Part of our rational is to give back to society, and as part of this goal, some of our profits is gifted by one of the business partners philanthropically to less advantaged communities. The system will only thrive if it is used; we work on very modest fees, allowing artists to benefit from their talent. So please, support our platform by using it: post your best original work, place us on your ‘go to’ list of art buying venues, and please tell your colleagues, business contacts and friends about us.

 We look forward to hearing from you, and to sending you many news letters in the future.

Best wishes,

The OAA Team.